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Aquatic gardening is one of the most interesting and easy form of gardening that can be done in any season, any weather and any place. It offer aquarists the opportunity to slow, observe, reflect and renew their connection to the living world. Through the transparent and clear water, the shape of aquatic plant living in perfect harmony with living animals capture the natural world thus making it part of our daily interior life.

Aponegeton aquatic plant is the perfect, fast growing and easy way to creat tropical look in your aquarium. Easy to plant and cultivate as it produces leaf shoots within a few days. Most of the Apanogeton species have flowers readily under cultivated conditions, generally others species produce one or two flowers spike per stalk but the Madagascar species may carry more. Some species have dormency period, the bulb can be replanted thus starting a new cycle. We provide the finest aquarium plant available for fresh water aquarium at wholesale price.

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Aponogeton boivintanus:

Aponogeton boivintanus is native to northern Madagascar and has large petioles in natural habitat. The leaves are bullate form and can reach up to one ft long x two inches wide. It is incredibly attractive in large aquatic tank as a centerpiece.

Aponogeton capuroni

Aponogeton cppuroni is a beautiful species from Madagascar and has long slender and green stiff leaves. Need clean and soft water.

Aponogeton cordata
Aponogeton decaryii
Aponogeton henkillianus