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Vanilla Orchid
Botanical Name : Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla is the fully grown fruit of the orchid Vanilla fragans (from the family Orchidaceae - orchid family. Vanilla plant is robust and is the fruit of a climbing vine producing a single leathery leaf and is cultivated on trellis. Vanilla the second most expensive spices in the world and is the only edible orchid. Vanilla is made by drying and curing the green tasteless pod from a tropical climbing orchid to an exotic product. Vanilla planifolia is indigenous to Mexico, where it is pollinated by Melipona bee but the practice is different and more complicated in other parts of the world. Hence the exquisite orchid flower blooms must be pollinated manually one by one each day.

The major vanilla producing countries are Madagascar, Indonesia, Comores Islands and Reunion. Among these countries Madagascar holds prominent position having a cultivated area of more than 25,550 hectares under vanilla commercial cultivation. Encouraged by the high prices fetched by the crop, many farmers have increased and taken up vanilla cultivation. seriously. Consequently the acreage of vanilla cultivation in the region is ever increasing. Vanilla's growing consumption and immense popularity has led to its increase production and demand worldwide. Madagascar's cured vanilla beans production results approximately 70% of the world's export market followed by Indonesia, Comores and Reunion Islands (formerly known as Bourbon).